My Experience With German Shepherd Dogs

Back when I was a teenager, my mother had adopted a black German Shepherd at a local pet store. At first I wasn’t even sure if it was a full breed dog just because of the fact that I’ve never seen one with a black coat before. When she brought the dog home, I didn’t even realize that he would become an intricate part of our family and that I would love him for many, many years to come. Black German Shepherds in particular, are extremely rare and this is why he was so sought-after in the pet store that my mother had adopted him from.

I will continually recommend a German Shepherd dog to anyone who is looking to adopt a pet for their family. I feel that this is a breed you can trust and that is great with other animals as well as small children. When I became older and had my child, my mother’s dog was fantastic with her and I did not at all hesitate bringing her into the house and letting the dog play with her and vice versa. I love the dog my mom has and I know that he will be a part of our home for years to come.