Keeping Your Dog Happy On A Budget With Dog Cages

The comfort of our pets is always a priority. This is why we go out of our way to provide the best food, toys and company all the time. When our pets are uncomfortable, our lives may be affected negatively. However, providing comfort may be not be a cheap affair and sometimes, we may not have the money to provide absolute comfort. So, what do you do when working on a budget but would like to keep your dog happy and comfortable?

Look for online stores

Online stores sometimes are cheaper than the usual stores that stock such stuff. However, in order to make a substantial saving, you ought to compare the cost of dog crates or dog kennels across many stores. This research may take a while and it is up to you to dedicate some time in order to discover some of the cheapest stores.

Work directly with manufacturers

There are manufacturers who sell both in retail and wholesale. These manufacturers are cheaper than the stores since they eliminate the need for a broker and extra mark up on the products. You may even organise with other friends and neighbours so that you can order many items at a go and therefore purchase the kennels and crates at wholesale prices. This will also save on the cost of shipment especially if the manufacturers are situated in a different state or continent.

Look for second hand crates and kennels

There are stores that stock both new and used pet products. These stores could be ideal to get cheap but comfortable kennels and crates for dogs of different sizes and ages. These stores are more likely to have dog kennels for sale advertisements either on social media or on their official website.  In addition, some of your neighbours may still have comfortable and barely used kennels and crates. Their pets may have died or outgrown them but they were disposed off. You may offer to buy them at a good price.

Dog crates for sale

If you are looking for cheap dog crates or dog crates for sale, you may look out for periodic sales at your favourite stores. The stores may have special offers for specific periods such as over Easter, Christmas, thanksgiving and Halloween. To take advantage of these offers, you should be ready when the offers are floated.

Make the kennels and crates at home

Sometimes, it is easier to make the kennels and crates at home than you think. It is also more economical to make them. In addition, you can customise the kennels or crates to suit your dog’s preferences and needs. All you need is to purchase high quality durable parts and you can make toys, kennels and crates from your backyard.

Whether you are working on a budget or not, it is very easy to make your dogs happy and change their kennels and crates as their needs change. You only need to keep your options open and be creative with the little resources that you have. Avoid impulse buying and spending too much on a single item  by planning ahead of time and ensuring that you stick to your plan.