Choosing The Right Dog Leash

A dog leash is essential if you take your dog out even occasionally, whether it is down the street, to the beach or you are making a trip to the vets. Of course, the use of dog leads can ensure your dog is safe, doesn’t run off and won’t get into a fight with another dog. Just as importantly, having your dog on a leash is the law in many communities. A retractable dog leash or other type of leash is also the ideal training tool when trying to correct those undesirable traits and habits. A retractable dog leash has obvious advantages; it allows you to control your dog more effectively, yet at the same time lets him run and play.

Some of the best dog leashes for well behaved dogs are the straightforward leash and collar type. This type of leash allows you to keep your pet safe, and by your side; it is ideal for dogs with no serious behavioral issues. If your dog has some behaviors that you feel need to be corrected, or is distracted by other dogs, cats or squirrels, a slip collar may the better option. If your dog tends to pull a lot while being walked, you may want to invest in a pack leader collar, which can help your dog better react to your movements. As well as the type of lead you buy, look at the overall strength, and especially how it fastens around the neck – you don’t want to buy a leash that will come undone easily.

Leather and nylon are probably the two most popular materials for dog leads, and there are pros and cons to both. A leather dog leash is more durable than its nylon counterpart, and of course, a leather dog leash is arguably a lot more stylish and fashionable. If you look after leather, it can last for many years and it generally ages well. Nylon is less expensive, and is practical and functional, rather than decorative and nice to look at. Nylon leashes are available in bright colors, and a nylon dog leash also has the big advantage that it can easily be sterilized for visits to the vet or the local animal shelter. A leather collar with a sturdy metal clasp may be a better buy for a dog that weighs over 50 pounds and hasn’t been trained yet.

The best dog leashes do cost a little more, but as you want your dog to be both secure and comfortable, it is worth paying more for a quality product. For extra safety when you are walking your dog at night, consider one of the illuminated collar and leases on the market. Some useful features of these handy and practical dog leads include USB chargeable, solar powered, and a choice between a flashing and a steady light. You can find a bewilderingly large selection of leashes and collars at your local pet store; if in doubt about what to buy, always ask for help and advice from an expert.