Want To Know About A Dog Tag?

‘A dog tag’ is an informal term for the tags worn by soldiers of several countries. However, tags used for displaying information about a dog are also known as dog tags. These tags typically include the pet’s name, its owner’s details, related medical information, and any other details the owner may want to put on it. Many dog owners go to the extent of putting their own photograph on the tag. This may sound humorous to some but such an act becomes necessary in some situations. For example, if you are taking your dog to a race for dogs, you would choose to display as much information on the tag as is possible. You would do this to make sure that your dog does not get lost in the crowd.

A variety of tags

Though dog tags come in a variety of makes and shapes, the smaller ones are in the trend these days. The owners can have the tags customized to their liking. The dog id tags can be round, oval, rectangular or of any other shape. However, shapes with edges at the corners are not preferred as they may harm the pet. Thus, tags with rounded edges are used. A tag can be made of plastic, fibre, wood, or metal. Alloys are pretty common these days as they are durable and the least reactive. The cheap tags are generally made of plastic. However, many rich owners get tags made of silver, gold or even diamonds for their dogs. The cost of these tags may run into thousands of dollars if you go for a high-end product.

Custom tags!

If you want a custom tag, you will have to find a vendor or supplier who can do this for you. He should be able to provide a custom design along with printing or embossing of the information on the tag. The printing, engraving or embossing may come cheap or costly depending on the quality. You can have one or both the sides embossed. The length of the id tags for dogs depends on the physical attributes of the pet. Generally, a dog tag is made loose enough so as to make it comfortable for the dog. However, it is not kept too long as it may get stuck into its feet. Further, many creatures are sensitive to certain materials. So make sure your dog is not allergic to the material you are choosing for the tag. Keep the dog tag as light as possible. Dogs don’t feel comfortable with the tag in the initial days of putting it on. With time, they forget about its presence and stop paying attention to it.

Marketing and Promotion!

Dog tags have become a big hit in the marketing arena as well. Earlier, marketers used to give key-chains, photo-frames, t-shirts, jackets, and other things as takeaways. Today, custom dog tags have become quite popular. Dog tags are used by many youngsters, mostly boys. They believe that these tags add to their masculine looks. Dog tags have surely come a long way since they were first used in the military.