Best Dog Toys Keep It Happy, Healthy, Smart And Active

We human beings need sports, recreation, holiday, friends, parties just to chill out after working hard, for relaxation, stress relief or just to remove boredom. What does our adorable pet dog do? It does not have avenues to exercise or play when it is feeling bored or restless. This is very true if the weather outside is snowing, chilly, raining and it’s impossible to go outdoors. A good solution was to have some more pets, but that would be a costly affair and consume a lot of your time. The best alternative is to give it the best dog toys to make it engaged, occupied and active.

We must understand that dogs were born for the wild, and running, hunting prey is its instinct. When brought up in a house these are curbed and it tends to become restless, bored, inactive. It needs engagement and just tying it up in its kennel will do more harm than good. Also, dogs tend to get bored easily and after some time, they tend to lose interest in things they play with. Best toys for dogs need to have certain characteristics. The toys should be flexible, not too hard nor too soft, and highly stimulating, right size and hundred percent safe. The toy should not break into small pieces which could lead to the dog eating it and get into serious health conditions. The dog should be able to chew, toss, tug, fetch, bite into it easily.

We should never ever make the mistake of giving old shoes, socks, clothes as toys as this can lead to things disappearing and could impact its health. Some of the cool dog toys are balls, chews, chew bones, comfort toys, raw hides. Dogs simply love balls. It makes them flexible, active and they will go to any length to fetch it back. When dogs play with a ball the excitement in its eyes is there for all to see. Chew toys make a squeaky sound when chewed and dogs enjoy playing with it. Chew bones keep it occupied for hours and a double advantage is it is good for its dental health.

Interactive dog toys are very popular and they simulate conditions where the dog is challenged, totally engaged and can play on an on continuously till it is tired. An advantage of interactive toys is that they can be filled with treats the dog loves and the dog must rack its brains to get access to the treat. It is very mentally stimulating to the dog and helps to make it razor sharp and active. The interactive toys are available in different levels of difficulty and a great way to measure and improve the dog’s mental ability. The popular interactive toys are Kong’s, tricky treat ball and paw treat ball.

Dog toys are available in plenty and we can get them in local stores, Petco, PetSmart. The best option is to buy dog toys online. You will have a wide variety of choices with lots of deals and freebies. Well-known online sites are Amazon, Ebay, Petmountain, Calibex, Fourpaws, Activedogtoys, Kongcompany to name a few.

Choosing the right dog toy is very important. The toy needs differ from dog to dog and depend on its age, size, weight, and level of activeness. The safety factor must be number one. Give it the Best Dog Toys to keep it Happy, Healthy, Smart and Active.