Strengthen The Bond Of Faithfulness And Friendship By Giving The Best Dog Treats

All of us love edible treats like candy, chocolates, ice cream, gourmet foods. We reward family, friends, and ourselves whenever there are a good news, festive occasions, meeting weight loss goals or shining in academics. What about our faithful, selfless, devoted, adorable, lovable dog? It also deserves the best dog treats for its undying love and happiness it bestows on us.

It does not mean that we should give it treats which are fit for humans. It needs healthy dog treats and choosing the right one could sometimes turn out to be a tricky affair. A wrong choice could end up in it getting entangled in health conditions which could turn for the worse. The key factors deciding a treat are freshness, natural, ingredients, nutritious, calories, smell, and texture. A treat should be tailor-made and specific to your dog, considering its weight, constitution, health, size, and allergic reaction to certain foods. A vet’s advice is always beneficial. It is advisable to restrict the serving of the treat size to one bite.

The quality of ingredients is of prime importance in treats for dogs. Natural and organic is the way to go. Sugar, salt, excess fat, by-products, added preservatives, colors are a strict NO. Whole grains like oats, chicken, beef, fish which are protein rich need to be the primary contents. Vegetables like spinach and other greens which are antioxidants can also be included. Calories should be low to avoid the pet from gaining excess weight and have health related issues. Never ever give treats to supplement the vitamins and foods given to it.

The treat should be fresh preferably homemade. It should be very appealing to your dog. The whiff of smell and flavor should make its mouth water and yearn for more. You can easily make this out of its reaction on receiving a treat. Young dogs should more often be given treats which are hard in texture and chewable. This has an added benefit of keeping the canine’s dental health good and avoid dental plaque buildup. Senior dogs need softer treats.

The treats are many varieties of cookies, biscuits, crunchy stuff, bone marrow snacks, bully sticks, fillets, pig ears, salmon, cheese, carrots, sweet potatoes, freeze-dried, dental chew, bones, and rawhide. Soft peanut butter and yogurt are also relishing to dogs.

The market for dog treats is witnessing huge growth year on year. Many players are present in the market and it can be easily sourced from vet stores, pet stores, retail stores, organic stores, marts, and online. Brand reputation, ingredients, quality, testimonials, vet’s advice are key in choosing the best dog treat. Some of the popular brands are Nature’s recipe, Back to Basics, Holistic, Dogswell, Beaverdam, Against the Grain, Addiction, Nutrisource, Halo, and Pinnacle.

We give our dog the best vitamins, best dog food and we need to give it the best dog treat. Never dole out treats every now and then and make it a regular habit. The dog should be rewarded with treats only when it does something special and out of the way. It should get the feeling of earning it to get it. Strengthen the Bond of Faithfulness and Friendship by giving it the Best Dog Treats.