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The Rx Balance™ vegetarian formulas are designed specifically for those who do not want to consume any animal products. The tablets and capsules used for the delivery of these formulas are free of animal by-products, such as lactose for binding tablets, and instead of gelatin, the capsules are made with plant-based material. Because gelatin is not used, preservatives are not required to protect from the risk of bacterial and fungal growth.

RX Balance™ Oil of Oregano

RX Balance™ Oil of Oregano is a highly effective remedy for fungal and parasitic infections as well as for colds, flu, and sinus infections. It comes in a bottle with a dropper as well as vegetarian-friendly softgels and can be used internally or as a topical rub. In an era where antibiotics and antiseptics are overused, micro-organisms have become more resistant to these antimicrobial agents. Oregano, however, has been used for centuries, and yet it has retained its antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic effects. Clinical studies show that the phenol carvacrol in oregano also completely kills Candida yeast and herpes viruses.

RX Balance™ Platinum GR-Plex

GR-Plex is a highly effective combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbs for regulating blood sugar and metabolizing carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. This vegetarian-friendly formula benefits diabetics and individuals with metabolic syndrome, the gradual development of disorders caused by poor blood sugar control, which can lead to type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The combination of inositol, hesperidin, bitter melon, cinnamon, thiamine, banaba, vitamin B6, chromium, and vanadium in GR-Plex has the unique ability to stimulate insulin production and enhance insulin sensitivity. GR-Plex is ideal for treating diabetes and for prevention in those who are beginning to observe the effects of metabolic syndrome.

RX Balance™ Aller-Plex

Aller-Plex is a highly effective formula for relieving seasonal allergy symptoms such as allergic rhinitis and sinusitis. This vegetarian-friendly formula contains three carefully chosen ingredients that reduce allergic reactions, diminish inflammation, and encourage repair of damaged tissue. The combination of quercetin, nettle, and bromelain provides safe relief without the side effects of prescription drugs. Quercetin has strong anti-inflammatory properties and inhibits the release of histamines. Nettle has anti-inflammatory as well as antibacterial and antiviral properties. Bromelain helps reduce congestion and inflammation, suppress coughing, and improve breathing. Aller-Plex is the ideal natural remedy for relieving symptoms and helping to heal the respiratory tract.

RX Balance™ Liv-tox

Liv-tox is a highly effective formula that supports the liver so that it can work efficiently to break down and eliminate toxins. This vegetarian-friendly formula contains six carefully chosen herbs that help protect and regenerate liver cells, thus increasing its capacity for detoxification. The combination of milk thistle, artichoke, turmeric schisandra, picrorhiza, and phyllanthus ensures optimum liver function. Rather than stimulating the liver and forcing it into action, as with many detoxification programs, these herbs have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and other properties that help improve liver function and prevent the many physical and psychological disorders associated with an overburdened liver.

RX Balance™ Children’s Moducare®

Moducare® for children is a safe and effective product that supports the immune system. This tasty vegetarian-friendly, grape-flavoured chewable supplement contains a combination of plant sterols and sterolins that has been clinically proven to modulate immune function. The immune system can be weakened by overuse of antibiotics and by stress, resulting in recurring infections. When the immune system is weak, it also tends to overreact to certain foods and environmental substances, resulting in food allergies, environmental sensitivities, and seasonal allergies. Moducare® is particularly useful with children who have a variety of immune reactions due to an overreacting and weakened immune system.

RX Balance™ DTX+

RX Balance™ DTX is a multi-ingredient nutritional complex that helps support the body’s detoxification systems, reduce oxidative stress, and maintain overall good health. The nutrients in this exceptional formula have been shown to prevent and reverse chemical toxicity and its associated diseases.

RX Balance™ Relora-Plus

Relora®-Plus is an exceptional formula combining Relora®, GABA, 5-HTP, and B vitamins for powerful relief from the symptoms of stress, including irritability, emotional swings, muscle tension, restlessness, poor concentration, and interrupted sleep, enhancing mood and producing a calming effect.

RX Balance™ Female Balance

Female Balance is an exceptional formula that combines therapeutic doses of four proven substances: kudzu, Tribulus, chasteberry, and DIM, that help balance hormones and support women’s health, providing safe and effective relief from PMS symptoms, including breast pain.

RX Balance™ Sleep Plex

Sleep Plex is a safe and efective product that combines Seditol®, a herbal blend of Magnolia offcinalis and Ziziphus spinosa; the amino acid L-theanine; and the neuronutrient 5-HTP to improve sleep quality and provide relief from sleeplessness and stress-related sleep disturbances.

RxBalance™ Breast-Plex

RxBalance™ Breast-Plex uses BioResponse DIM®, an absorption-enhanced formulation of DIM (diindolylmethane), vitamin E, and phosphatidylcholine. DIM has the unique hormonal benefits of increasing “good” estrogens and reducing “bad” estrogens, thus reducing recurrent breast pain in premenopausal women.

RxBalance™ ModuAller

ModuAller™ is a highly effective formula that relieves seasonal allergy symptoms. This unique combination of quercetin, nettle, feverfew, and Moducare® relieves allergy symptoms by helping to prevent the release of histamines, reduce inflammation, and support the immune system. Quercetin acts as an antihistamine, preventing symptoms such as runny nose, watery eyes, and hives. Nettle, a traditional hay fever remedy, reduces inflammation, and feverfew is helpful for those who suffer from migraine headaches due to allergies or asthma. Allergic responses are a sign that the immune system is overreacting, and the Moducare® in this formula provides support for the immune system.

RxBalance™ L-Carnitine Plus

L-Carnitine Plus is a high-quality L-carnitine tartrate supplement with vitamin B6. L-carnitine helps to reduce levels of circulating and oxidized LDL cholesterol, as well as triglycerides. This amino acid also enhances exercise performance by facilitating glycogen storage during low-intensity aerobic exercise and balancing fuel utilization during high-intensity aerobic exercise. Vitamin B6 is required for the synthesis of L-carnitine. L-carnitine is synthesized in the liver and kidneys from two essential amino acids, lysine and methionine. However, as we age, our production of L-carnitine can drop significantly, and some conditions and medications can cause low levels of carnitine in the body.