RxBalance Formulations are created in conjunction with naturopathic professionals, doctors, nutritionists and chemists.

We go the extra mile to ensure the ingredients within each formulation have unique combinations and that each product contains the most absorbable form of delivery within the body. All products are meticulously researched and evaluated by the Purity formulation professionals for:

Safety – All ingredients meet international standards for safety and purity.

Efficacy – All therapeutic claims are evaluated and supported by scientific evidence.

Potency – All ingredients and final dosage forms have internationally recognized specifications (USP, EP, ICP) for potency and purity.

Packaging Components

All components are evaluated prior to use and strictly controlled.

Our packaging department uses several integrated pieces of equipment to ensure accurate tablet/capsule counts for each sterile bottle. Child resistant caps are used for any product containing ingredients that may pose a health risk to children.

New Product Innovation
New products are an important part of our philosophy.

Here at Purity Life, we make it a priority to stay current with ailments, conditions and health related discoveries in terms of new ingredients, formulations, breakthroughs, and applicable technologies. We continue to work with many naturopaths, doctors, nutritionists and suppliers to develop innovative formulas from around the world so we may deliver only the finest supplements to Canadians.