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About SEO Marketing

What Is SEO & How Does It Work?

SEO stands for search engine optimization which is a term given to the act that helps in improving your website rankings to get traffic from the search engine.

The work of the search engine like Google is to provide the best results possible for the users regarding your company.

The search engine shows or displays the links of your website it considers useful and authoritative.

For you to get high ranking results for your website, you need to put ample time and effort for best results. This is where you need to get an SEO consultant to offer the best quality services for you to increase your search engine rankings.

The main goal of an SEO agency like ours is to improve the ranking of your website in non-paid search results in search engines. The higher the ranking your website is, the more viewers it attracts, and your website presence is increased online.

Why Is SEO Important?

SEO is important as most people use Google search engine globally to search for services and products of their choice. Many users trust Google search and go with the information that appears on the first page. When your keyword ranks top on the search engine, people interested in your product will follow you.

Why you need to invest in a solid SEO expert if you’re doing your business online

1. Good SEO practices transform your experience and usability of a website. The SEO consultant will walk with you on these practices.

2. Most users trust the search engines and your website holding a top position on the keywords searched by users, increases the trust of your website.

3. You need to hire trustworthy SEO agency in Singapore with knowledgeable and experienced consultant that apply the best optimization strategies for your website in order to rank high on the search engine. Once you are there you can enjoy long term benefits for your online business.

For any online business to succeed, you need to apply the right strategies in your marketing plan. This is where you need experienced and qualified SEO agencies who can work on your website at a considerable budget. They should be in a position to increase your sales and at least decrease your expenses on the marketing budget. Thereafter, you can generate sales from your website. 

Avoid scam artist at every cost

Avoid these types of SEO Agencies:

1. Any SEO Agency without a clear strategy especially those offering first-page ranking could be a scam artist or black-hat SEO that uses tricks for first-page ranking.

2. SEO consultant that does not give you any report on your traffic to know if you are meeting your goals or not is a scam artist. Their report should match your site analytics to know if you are growing or not.

3. Avoid any secretive SEO agency by ensuring every plan or strategy they introduce is clear and legit. Read more to enlighten yourself more on SEO knowledge and learn ways to spot SEO scams to avoid getting involved with the scam artist. 

4. Some scam artists claim to have Google insider knowledge like the search algorithms details to help you. Avoid them as many Google employees do not even know exact algorithm details. Legit SEO Company becomes professionals through experience.

5 tips on choosing a solid SEO consultant to help in attaining your goals

1. Avoid magic talk

A true SEO Singapore guru has a deep understanding of how SEO works, attention to details and constant modifications as search engine algorithms change often.

Avoids all kinds of magic talk and shortcuts of buying links to stuff your website.

2. Setting the right goals

Don’t just hire SEO marketing just for increasing organic traffic. Ranking your brand online does not translate to an instant increase in your local business. Ensure your goals are clear on what kind of results you want and the service you need.

3. Metrics checkup

With your goals well laid down and the SEO Agency in place, it’s time to have a clear way of charting the progress as soon as you start. Like what is your end goal of ranking for a specific keyword?

Ensure you discuss KPLs that can apply to any business aspect which can mean different things within the SEO. For instance, a new product will of course have different objectives than an old product which is already well established.

4. Effective communication skills

Effective communication is key to every business. Ensure you have access to the tools your SEO consultant is using to measure your metrics like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Your SEO company team should update you on these to foster trust.

SEO is not a one-day event but a lifetime process in building your online business. Meeting your website traffic goals takes time and good communication enhances patience and a healthy working relationship with your SEO Agency.

5. Detail-oriented SEO Agency

It’s important to have a breakdown of the organic search like the average number of page views, number of special visitors, time spent per visit, and others. The conversion rate is also vital for those engaging with your content and buying your product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On average, a normal SEO agency will charge monthly retainer fee that ranges from $1000 to $3000 per month.  However, the retainer fee will usually be  higher if you engage the best agency for SEO.

The difference is that SEO marketing is one that focus  on ranking in the organic results, which means you do not need to pay Google a single cent for a click through to your website.

On the other hand, SEM is where you bid for specific keyword and you pay each time someone click on your listing. It is commonly known as paid search. When you stop bidding, your listing will immediately disappear from the search results. 

SEO takes time. Unlike PPC, your ad listing will be activated within 24 hours. For SEO results, it typically requires 4 months to 6 months for low competition niches, or sometimes even longer than 12 months for medium to high competitive search terms. 

The action of having the website viewed by the right people who show interest in the website content.

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Choosing a solid SEO consultant means success for your business.

Solid content marketing offered by a solid SEO professional is the most scalable way to transform your business. It’s not the same as having a scam artist who can end up making your website closed. Best tips applied to your online business for digital marketing promote your business to a bigger audience. It may not be right for all businesses, but when strategies are put well in place, it’s unbeatable. Ensure you always make the right choice in choosing a reputable agency like SEO Singapore Services to avoid being burnt.